Extending the Boundaries of Microfluidics

Technicolor’s latest leading role is as the breakout supplier of micro- and nano- based microfluidics consumables to the life sciences industries. Technicolor provides high quality quick-turn prototyping and rapid scalability for high volume manufacturing to speed development and product launch.

World Class Prototyping, Molding, Fabrication and Optical Technologies

Proprietary Processes that Speed Delivery

High-Scale Regional Manufacturing and Logistics

Innovation Center Located in Major Biotech Hub


Experience that Counts

As the world’s largest manufacturer of optical discs, Technicolor produces over one billion units annually and is trusted with the industry’s most sensitive Intellectual Property. Technicolor stays at the forefront of disruptive innovation with a dedicated Research and Innovation division underpinning a solid intellectual knowledge base and 100-plus year technology legacy.

Innovation that Matters

By applying its world-class innovation and infrastructure, leveraging its rapid prototyping and high volume manufacturing expertise, Technicolor is uniquely positioned to be your microfluidics prototyping and production solution.

Expertise that Resonates

Technicolor’s expertise has made us a world leader in precision injection molding, mastering, and replication. This minimizes your manufacturing risk and ensures continuous product availability with the highest quality. Couple this with the open communication and responsiveness of our team of biomedical professionals with many years of experience serving the medical diagnostic industry, and you’ll see the difference!


A full solution from design for manufacturing and rapid prototyping to high volume production and complete logistics support.

Specific design elements  include: droplet generators, mixing channels and chambers, cell sorting and capture, filters, optical detection chambers, lenses, cell culture chambers, integrated hologram security features, nano/microarrays, precision through holes/vias, connection options.


Design and Development for Manufacturing and Assembly

  • Wide choice of Polymer Materials
  • Validation – process and specification conformance
  • Final product transfer to manufacturing

Mastering Process

  • Variable thickness photoresist direct recording process
  • Recording spot size of 250 nm, minimum recorded feature size of 500 nm
  • Highly precise, smooth walls, no machine tooling marks
  • Ability to incorporate Holographic Optical Elements (HOE), Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) and Diffractive Lenses
  • Laser Lithography, DRIE

Injection Molding

  • State-of-the-Art Precision Injection Molding
  • Polymer materials – COC, COP, PP, PC, PS, PMMA and many others
  • Flexible prototyping capabilities to support custom form factors
  • Precise control of geometrical and optical properties

UV Curable Wet Embossing

  • Nanoimprint Lithography

Surface Treatments

  • Oxygen plasma
  • Corona discharge
  • Vacuum deposition / sputtering
  • Coatings: multiple metallization, surface chemistries


  • Multiple bonding technologies supported including thermal fusion, film lamination, laser welding
  • Critical control of alignment, optical quality, flatness

Assembly / Packaging / Kitting

  • Our packaging solutions are capable of supporting a diverse range of product sizes and requirements to address any of your assembly and kitting needs
  • Custom printing options

Quality Assurance

  • Clean room fabrication and assembly facility
  • Process and specification conformance
  • Advanced metrology and microfluidics testing labs

Supply Chain Management

  • Our strategically-located global facilities provide flexible, scalable omni-channel solutions to meet the demands of seasonal and fast-moving product cycles.


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2020 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo December 13-17, 2020 McCormick Place Convention Center Chicago, Illinois USA


Robert Ambartsumyan

Sr. Process Engineer

Robert Ambartsumyan has been working for Technicolor since 2001 as a Process Engineer, and is now a Sr. Process Engineer in Microfluidics Device Manufacturing. After obtaining a BA in Electronic Engineering, Robert started his career in optical disc production. He has since gained vast experience working in lithography, laser beam recording, electroforming, and injection molding. In the last 10+ years, he has become an expert in micro injection molding.

Leo Bahurinsky

Manufacturing Services Manager

Leo has been working at Technicolor in Optical Media production since 1997, holding multiple technical and administrative roles. Bringing expertise and skills in many fields of technology, complex machinery, and processes, he is responsible for the efficient operation and maintenance of manufacturing and R&D equipment, processes, and the facility. With a passion for knowing how things work, Leo obtained a BS in Electronic Engineering/Manufacturing and an MS in Electrical Engineering/Automation – leading to his career in Industrial Engineering.

Alan Hamersley

VP Research & Development

Alan Hamersley has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing engineering, process development, product/business development, electro-optic systems design, quality management systems, and continuous improvement. Additionally, Alan supports Technicolor in the complementary fields of digital security, secure production networks, and compliance. Along with a BS in Electrical Engineering, Alan has broad experience in Intellectual Property management and patent prosecution, with 18 issued patents in electro-optic systems, manufacturing methods, recordable optical media, and product authentication/anti-counterfeiting.

Ray Keating

Sr. R&D Engineer

For over 35 years, Ray has been on the leading edge of developing new optical mastering technologies. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma in Engineering Physics, Ray worked as an R&D engineer at Stanford University. He has extensive experience in photoresist, direct write, and phase change materials for use in mastering holograms, optical discs, and DOEs – and a patent for DOE recording.

Amy Leavitt

Director, Marketing at Technicolor

Amy Leavitt joined the Technicolor Home Entertainment Services (HES) team in 2017 as Senior Marketing Manager. Formerly part of the Technicolor Technology Licensing team, she brings 15+ years marketing experience from leading companies including Nike, Sage Software and Tektronix. Currently Director, Marketing at Technicolor, Amy is focused on creating, defining, and implementing the annual marketing plans for Technicolor HES, Technicolor Global Logistics (TGL), and Technicolor Precision BioDevices. Amy holds a B.S. in Speech Communications from Oregon State University.

Sean Lee

Sr. Microfluidics Engineer

Sean Lee of Technicolor Precision BioDevices has 10 years of industrial experience and subject matter expertise in the microfluidics arena, including product development, production line setup, process development, and quality control. Sean received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Cincinnati in 2008, with a research focus in BioMEMS and microfabrication of Lab-on-a-Chip devices. He was in charge of the manufacturing when his previous company successfully commercialized a series of microfluidics consumable products.

Blake Perkins

Vice President, Business Development

Blake Perkins has over twenty years’ experience with leading companies in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of medical devices and Point-of Care in vitro diagnostic products.
Prior to embarking on his career, Blake earned a BA in Biological Science, Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego, and subsequently an MBA from Boston University.

Kevin Sullivan

SVP Strategy and Development

Kevin has spent the last decade leading strategy and new business development efforts for Technicolor, including the establishment of Technicolor Precision Biodevices, as well as a wide array of other M&A activity, strategic partnerships, and various new business diversification initiatives. Prior to joining Technicolor, Kevin worked in investment banking, where he was focused on M&A advisory services for firms in the technology, manufacturing, and professional services sectors. Kevin holds a BA in Economics and an MBA from the University of California, Irvine.

John Town

SVP Technology

John Town has led Technicolor’s technology development in the fields of precision molding and micro-fabrication for the past 20+ years – including most recently the addition of Technicolor Precision BioDevices’ Technical Innovation Center located in Southern California. Over the past 10 years, he has served on the Board of several leading standards and technology organizations. John holds an MS in Microelectronic Systems and has over 10 patents in the field of optical technology and injection molding.


Uniting Biomedical Expertise with World-class Precision Manufacturing and Innovation.

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