Design for Manufacturability

Polymer injection-molding is a strong and proven manufacturing process for high volume production of precise and reproducible micro- and nano- scale microfluidic devices and provides the means to realize significant cost efficiencies with increased unit volumes.

Transferring a design to an injection molding process is not necessarily without issues. Factors including material selection, mold creation and processing parameters must be considered for precise and complex geometries and dimensions.

Technicolor’s Engineering Team diligently considers the multiple material and process inputs that impact product characteristics, e.g., surface finish; mold filling and ejection separation; shrinkage and warpage, to provide the most precise and reproducible product outcome.

Early consideration for the injection molding process is critical for eventual transfer to high volume production.  Technicolor provides general molding guidelines representing approximate ranges of dimensions and features compatible for molding and will work with you to provide a manufacturing solution for molding and downstream processing.

Additional Design for Manufacturing elements include:

  • Reducing the materialsnumber of parts and processing steps required for functionality 
  • Leveraging existing solutions 
  • Identifying and developing manufacturing controls 
  • Other means of reducing risk, e.g., prototyping, processing variability. 

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Strategic Partnering

Many agile companies use contract manufacturing and development for risk mitigation and to optimize their strategic, financial, and technical positions.

As a Manufacturing Partner:

  • Establishing new manufacturing lines for new and existing products – freeing up capital, resources and time to reinvest in core business and new opportunities
  • As a Second Source Manufacturing Partner – assuring supply continuity
  • Establishing a manufacturing resource and blueprint for new, growing companies.

As a Development Partner:

  • Work with our team of dedicated and experienced specialists that bring a cross functional understanding of your objective, i.e., Bioengineering, MEMS, precision micro injection molding, IVD product development and manufacturing
  • Efficient and targeted approach to achieve a manufacturable design without adding personnel and capital and diverting your valuable resources
  • Secure Intellectual Property – all design modifications using “design for manufacturability” are considered part of your design.

Reducing Risk

Through Prototyping

Beginning with a design and simulation, rapidly create proof of principle samples for iterative testing, consider processing and cost reduction strategies, moving to design verification and validation for production manufacturing

Through Process

Technicolor follows a stage-gate process from initial design variations to commercial product, providing the data and risk identification / mitigation processes required for clinical testing, filings and regulatory approval

Through Technology

Technicolor developed the global standard for micro-feature injection molding and is integrating new function and processing technology into the molded consumables, e.g., optical elements, additive-free laser welding of clear-to-clear materials

Through Security

Technicolor has a long corporate history of protecting and being trusted with sensitive Intellectual Property and other confidential information

Process and Capabilities

Technicolor’s experts work with you, driving your device concept through a proven product realization stage-gate process:

  • Product definition Proof of principle
  • Material selection and concept demonstration prototyping
  • Design verification
  • Transfer to production


Our goal is to get you to a final product as quickly as possible – using the design, materials and processes that will provide the most cost-effective solution.   Small batch prototyping (i.e., injection molding, CNC precision machining and assembly) can be provided to test functionality and to serve as a guideline for manufacturing process development.


We are specialists in selecting injection molded polymers and extruded films that work best for your product functionality including COC, COP, PP, PC, PS, PMMA and many others.

Mastering and Replication

We utilize different prototyping and mastering techniques suited for a broad range of dimensional requirements and molding strategies.  The resulting tooling is used on state-of-the-art production injection molding systems to replicate for transfer to our high-volume manufacturing.

Surface Treatments and Modification

Our capabilities include wet and dry chemical treatments,  plasma activation, sputtering, vacuum deposition and metallization as well as micro-feature manufacturing processes resulting in favorable contact angles and surface activation.


Technicolor operates a validated and certified ISO 14644 Class 7 clean rooms with an environmental bioburden monitoring program compliant with ISO 14698 for manufacturing, assembling and packaging terminally sterilized medical devices and other products requiring clean production environments.

Bonding Processes

Technicolor’s range of bonding technologies include thermal, adhesive, solvent and a unique laser welding offering – welding clear to clear and dissimilar materials.


Technicolor incorporates advanced metrology systems for assessing and monitoring a wide range of dimensional metrics including channel depth and surface ‘topography’, surface roughness, planer flatness and dimensional thickness, optical characteristics (e.g., light transmission and fluorescence).


Technicolor has an extensive worldwide client list and history of providing secure, reliable logistics and supply basis ensuring your product arrives where and when needed.